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Tomb Raider 3

All Weapons, Medkits, Flares and Save Crystals:
Quickly press L2, R2(2), L2 (4), R2, L2, R2(2), L2, R2(2), L2(2), R2, L2(2), R2 during game play. Lara will scream to comfirm correct code entry.

Level Skip:
Quickly press L2, R2, L2(2), R2, L2, R2, L2, R2, L2(4), R2, L2, R2(4), L2 during game play. Lara will sat "No" to comfirm correct code entry.

All Secrets:
Quickly press L2(5), R2, L2(3), R2, L2, R2, L2(2), R2, L2(2), R2, L2(2) during game play. Lara will say "No" to comfirm correcxt code entry. Enabling this code will also unlock the "All Hallowed" bonus level.

Racetrack Key In Lara's Mansion:
Quickly press R2,  l2(3), R2, L2(6), R2, L2(5), R2, L2(2) during game play.
Full Health:
Quickly press R2(2), L2, R2, L2(6), R2, L2(3), R2, L2(5) during game play.

HINT: Finding Lara's basement and race course key:
Go to the Library. When Lara walks in the doorway, there are 2 bookcases to the right. Approach the one on the left and press Action. Lara will pull a book and the fire will extinuuish, allowing her to climb up the side wall inside the fireplace. After reaching the top, follow the passageways until reaching a room with 2 levels, with a switch on the top level, Pull the blocks in a way that a hallway leading into the attic is revealed. When Lara pulls the switch, the basement door will trmporarily open. Quickly run through the attic, and down to the main hall to reach the basement. Once in the basement, walk through to the second room and look in the tank on the right side. Inside is the key to the race course. To collect it, pull the block in the other room to th ecenter. Climbing up to the hall that leads into the tank.

HINT: Lara's Museum:
Acticate the switch on the vack of the diving board in Lara's room. Go to the door it opens in her lobby. Pull the lever, and quickly roll. Sprint straight across her lobby and roll into her museum. The Dagger of Xian among other artifacts are in this room.

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