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Star Wars Episode 1: Jedi Power Battles

Play As Captain Panaka
First, beat the game on Jedi mode with Plo Koon. Next, highlight Plo and press select. Captain Panaka's picture should replace Plo Koon's at the top. Press X and you will play as Captain Panaka. Note: Both he and Queen Amidala use a blaster and fists.

Play As Darth Maul
In order to play as Darth Maul, you must pass the game with Qui-Gon in jedi mode. When I refer to passing the game, he must be level 10 and skill 100. After doing so, highlight his character and press select. You should be able to select Darth Maul as a playable character.

Play As Queen Amidala
To access Queen Amidala, beat the game on "Jedi Mode" with Obi-Wan Kenobi. After doing this, go to the character selection screen on the game you beat on "Jedi Mode" with Obi-Wan Kenobi. Now highlight Obi-Wan, but DO NOT SELECT HIM (In other words, move your green character selector onto Obi-Wan's picture, then stop!) Now hold down Select. The picture at the top of the screen should change from Obi-Wan to Queen Amidala. Now press "X" to select the Queen. Good luck!

Point Trick
In almost all levels you can get thousands upon thousands of extra points easily. First what you need to do is have a bunch of extra credits. Then when you encounter one of those things that let you come back there when you die, and make sure you have killed everything behind it and near it. Then hit the thing and die purposely. You will go back to the thing and all the enemies will be back. Then run back as far as you can go and kill everything. Please note that this doesnt work on all continue points but it does on most of them. If you die this can be quite time consuming so try not to die.

The 4 secret levels
1.Droidekas!:To get this level beat the game with Plo Koon. L.11
2.Kaadu Race!:Beat the game with Adi Gallia. L.12
3.Gungan Roundup!:Find all 3 Gungan Artifacts throughout the game. L.13
4.Survival Challenge!:Beat the game as Mace Windu,beat this level to unlock Ultimate lifesaber mode, and you kill anything in 1 hit.

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