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Bonus Ships:
If you beat the game on easy without continuing or earn 15 skill bonuses, you'll get a new ship to select. It looks like one on the flying cars in the first area. If you beat the game on hard without continuing you'll get a ship that has 9,999 for the gunpods it finds or has equipped

Defauly Gunpod Weapons:
This will let you begin the game with gunpod weapons. First start the game and get to a point in the game where you can buy gunpod weapons. Then you must intentionally die and use all of your lives. Let the Continue Counter go to zero and then it will say Game Over. Then start a new game and after you select your ship you will be able to choose from a number of gunpods. The gunpod number you choose will now be in your standard default weapons even if you die.

Gallery Mode:
To unlock Gallery Mode beat the game at any difficulty.

Hidden Weapons:
Has the rate of fire of a Vulcan and the power for approximately a normal gunshot per bullet.
Stage 1- Gain all 3 skill bonuses (destroy all gun carriers until neon signs, then destroy red carriwe after signs, destroy all neon signs, destroy only bottom saucer section of mid-boss) When you reach the cross do not attack him as normal. Instead wait for him to move toward you (with the side-scrolling view) One of his attacks is a gun pod form his back. Ince in every 10 or so time, this weapon is the Juno.
Stage 4 - A large boat will pop out of the water. Destroy the body only. The tower will fly off. Dodge and kill this tower before it leaves the screen . It will drop the Juno and give you a skill bonus.
Similar to the Cannon can kill any non-boss enemy in fewer than 3 shots.
Stage 3- After spider mid-boss destroy the large pylon at the top of the screen and then destroy every item that falls from it. Use a Juno or Vulcan for greater success. This will award a skill bonus and the Flash.
Stage 5- Take apart the id-boss piece by piece before killing him. This earns the Flash and a skill bonus.
Similar to the Wasp fires missiles which are guided by the control pad. A little stronger than the Wasp's missiles.
Stage 4- At the small mazelike section, move as quickly as possible down the tunnels and pick up the Spreader on the way. Switch the Spreader to your top slot. A couple of floors straight down will be an enemy and a set of barrels directly behind you. Destroy the barrels to get the Mosquito.
Powerful mines similar to Hedgehog. Very hard to use.
Stage 5- Destroy large vehicle in the background of the first part of the stage. Must use Wasp.

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