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Twisted Metal: Black

Convert Weapons Into Health
Here's a handy code that you can use to refill your health whenever you have some weapons picked up.

During the game, hold down all four shoulder buttons, then press TRIANGLE, X, SQUARE, and finally CIRCLE.

Your weapons will vanish and you're health will fill up a little.

Infinite Ammo
To have unlimited ammunition for your ride, press and hold the shoulder buttons (R1, R2, L1, L2) then press UP, X, LEFT, CIRCLE.


During gameplay (yes, this includes story mode), press and hold all four shoulder buttons, then press RIGHT, LEFT, DOWN, UP.

Mega Machine Guns
To enable the Mega Machine Guns feature press and hold all four shoulder buttons (R1, R2, L1, L2) and press X, X, then TRIANGLE.

One Hit Kills
During gameplay, press and hold L1 + R1 + L2 + R2 and quickly press X twice, and Up during game play. At the top of the screen a message will confirm you've done it right.

Open Elevators Level
Go the Highway Loop Level and kill off about six to seven of the combatants. Drive to the raised, broken bridge (with the two health pick-ups and another pick-up in between), and find what looks like a power plant, directly off the road. There are about two to three giant steel balls there. Shoot the one closest to the bridge with a Gas Can (the projectiles don't work well for this), and it will break off and start rolling. Make sure to stay clear of its path, or you'll be squashed. Follow the ball and when it crashed through a wall, follow into the newly opened area and find the Black Cube inside. Health and weapon pick-ups are also inside.  

Unlock Axel
After beating the first level, choose the Freeway level, not Suburbs. (And it's not the Highway Loop level we're talking about.) Drive to the middle of the level, where an entrance to the construction lot and a Repair Station are located. Of the two cranes located here, focus on the left one. Center your vehicle in the middle of the construction site and use the middle ridge to aim any kind of missile toward the orange control box near the center of the crane. Locate your vehicle about half way up the ledge for the perfect shot. Doing this takes time, and enemies are sure to throw a barrage of projectile at you, so it's wise to beat down several of them before trying this.  

Unlock God Mode

During gameplay, press and hold L1 + R1 + L2 + R2 and rapidly press Up, X, Left, Circle while playing. You will see a message at the top of the screen that reads "God Mode On," confirming you did it right.  

Unlock Manslaughter
Manslaughter, the giant dump-truck driven by Black, is located in the Prison Passage level. Down on the docks to the starboard side of the landed ship is a stack of crates with a health power-up on them. Shoot the crates to blast open a ramp to the health, and then shoot at the ship's hull just above where the crates are stacked against it. A panel will open, and you can drive into a room inside the ship where Manslaughter is located. As per usual, destroy the control panel to unlock the new car.

Unlock Minion
To unlock Minion, beat the Story Mode with every character, including those you unlock in the game. In other words, beat the game with all starting characters plus: Manslaughter, Warthog, Yellow Jacket, and Axel.

Unlock Warhawk's Level
To open up Warhawk's multiplayer level in the first level (Zorko Bros. Scrap and Salvage (a.k.a. the Junkyard), focus your efforts on the vertical crusher. There are at least two ways to get up on top of the vertical crusher -- this first way is easiest. Drive up the ramp to the broken freeway and drive about half way along it. Aim your car toward the Bob's Big Boy (that kind of looks like Nintendo's Luigi), and shoot it, preferably using a Power or a Fire, to avoid hitting any other cars. When that blows up, it'll create a ramp to the vertical crusher. Drive down to the newly created green ramp and, when the crusher is down, drive up onto the crusher. Be careful to drive slowly onto it and not to driver right over it. When it ascends, shoot the building on the top of the deck, and then drive onto the deck. On the left side is a Black Cube, which opens up Warhawk's multiplayer level.

Unlock Warthog
In the Suburbia level, head up to the carnival area. At the gate, take a left and head toward the smoke that appears just over the ridge. Aim your vehicle for that, speeding up and ramping off the angled dirt ridge here. You'll land on a building below with a large hole in its roof. Go inside and look for a control panel in the corner. Shoot it to unlock Warthog.

Unlock Yellow Jacket
In the first level, Zorko Brothers Scrap Salvage, you can see an airplane circling around again and again. Use a homing missile and shoot it down with any kind of tracking missile, preferably homing missile. It's best to lead the missile to the plane, rather than to shoot after it, otherwise the missile will blow up before it hits the plane. Go to the wall near the giant magnetic slammer and shoot from there. Once that's done, drive down to the lower section of the level. The plane has crashed and you can drive in it. Go to the end, find the console and shoot it with machine gun fire. After about four seconds, you will see Yellow Jacket's car lower down.

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