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Armored Core 2

Human Plus
Human Plus is back. Just drop to -50000 credits and an experiment will be done on you. You need to do this multiple times to get the full benifit. warning, this will restart your game (except for the first mission)

Note: to shoot the laserblade use it then immediately press the boost button. takes some practice but is completely worth it.

Steal Your Enemies Emblem
In the single player Arena mode you can steal your defeated opponent's emblem. To do this you of course have to beat an opponent in the Arena, then once beaten you can go back to the opponent selection screen where everyone is ranked by number. Highlight and select someone you have defeated and then press START + SELECT and you should hear a sound. Press the two buttons again and again until you hear the sound. Once you hear the sound go to the Edit Emblem screen and the emblem selected will be the one you just took from your opponent. You can then edit it or just wear it as your own.

Use overweight AC Units
Once you finish the entire game the first time and you see the credits, the next time you start a game using the final save (the one you make after the credits) you can buy equipment and parts that would normally make your mech overweight. You will then be able to use your overweight mech the next time you play. Now you can finally create the mech you've always wanted!

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