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Age of Sail

Edit a campaign

  1. Open a 00000#.CPG file within a text editor, where # is the campaign number you wish to edit. (The files are within the “AOS” directory.)

  2. Open the MAIN.OOB file within a text editor.

  3. Select a ship from the list in the MAIN.OOB file, placing it in the first column of the 00000#.CPG file.

The second to last column in the 00000#.CPG file contains the hard-coded crew rating, from 0 (worst) to 4 (best). This column may be edited also.

  1. Close MAIN.OOB file.

  2. Save the 00000#.CPG file and close text editor.

  3. Run game. (Note: Always make backup copies before editing game files.)

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