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Command & Conquer

All Missions
At the "Press Start" screen, quickly press B, A, R, R, A, right C, up, down, and A. There will be no indication that the code has worked. Go to the "Replay Mission" menu and press L. If you have done everything correctly, every variant of every mission will become available.

APC Trick
If you're playing as GDI, and you have access to APCs and Engineers, then you can try this trick. Build 2 APCs, and put them each to a C-button. Now build 10 engineers, split hem into 2 groups of 5, put each group on a C-button, and load each group onto an APC. Now, drive the APCs over to the enemy base, and park them next to the NOD construction yard/barracks/airstrip. If the APCs are blown up, it's okay, the engineers will walk out still alive. Send all the engineers into NOD buildings, going into the construction yard first. Now, whenever you blow up a NOD building, they won't be able to replace it. And, if you captured their Hand of Nod or airstrip, then they won't be able to build any more units if you blow them all up.

Camera Zoom
Are you tired of having to squint at those little guys? Hold L and press C-Up or C-Down to change your view.

Communications Center Trick
Once you have built an advanced communications plant, sell the old one. You will not need it once you've established an advanced version.

Get An Orca/Attack Helicopter And Two Minigunners For $750
Build a helipad and then sell it. Take Orca/Attack Helicopter off pad first. When you sell structures you get half the cost back and when you sell the Helipad two minigunners come out so you got 2 minigunners and an Orca/Attack Helicopter for $750 and it takes less time than to build one Orca/Attack Helicopter.

Gold NOD Weapons
To cast armaments in gold, play as the Global Defense Initiative and seize an airstrip of the Brotherhood of NOD. Your forces there will continue to build NOD armaments, casting them in solid gold!

Hidden UFO
While playing as the Global Defense Initiative (GDI) on mission 6, gain access to the Air Attack. Then order your bombers to fly toward the lower left-hand corner of the screen and destroy a designated target. Follow the planes. As their bombs plummet to the ground, you should see a UFO hovering in the cleared area!  

Make Units/Buildings Without Sidebar
Highlight the unit you want first on the sidebar, and press A. When you hear "Construction Complete" or "Unit Ready", hold Z and press A. The game will say, "Building," and you get another copy of the unit you selected. It still costs the same, but doing this is much quicker and easier, and you don't have to take your eyes off the battle field.

NOD Attack Helicopters
As you may be aware, in Command & Conquer there is a helicopter called the Orca attack helicopter. This helicopter can be only used by GDI but in addition to this helicopter there is another one. The game calls it an "Attack Helicopter." What it is a helicopter that use the same ammunition as normal GDI guard towers (it has the same loud sound as the guard towers). The Nod attack helicopter holds much more ammo than an Orca, but it's bullets or less efficient at destroying armor than Orcas. However, attack helicopters CAN destroy armor, even concrete walls. But they are best used for picking off stray enemy guards roaming around. For the best results make teams of Orcas and attack helicopters. Use the Orcas to destroy armor or a building and have the attack helicopters clean up the personnel that spill out of the destroyed units/structures.

Anyway, here's how to get the attack helicopters. First of all this code only works for the Brotherhood of Nod (hence the "Nod Attack Helicopters" code). Once you get far enough in the game, GDI will gain possession of Orca technology. What you have to do to get Attack Helicopters is to simply steal a GDI helipad with an engineer and maybe a weapons factory or construction yard. Once you have possession of these key buildings you will gain the ability to build Attack Helicopters just like GDI can build Orcas. In fact, both Orcas and Attack Helicopter icons appear in the right menu bar.

Also, if you build on extra helipad it comes with an Attack Helicopter instead of an Orca. The Attack Helicopter perform just like the Orcas; VTOL (vertical takeoff and landing), same armor (although the Attack Helicopters have a longer life bar, their actual health is pretty much the same), speed, and cost (both cost 1200 credits). The only difference is the looks and ammunition.

NOD Special Ops Mission 2 tip
Make 2 or more engineers and send them to the bottom right corner. There should be a GDI construction yard that is only guarded by 1 mammoth tank so just capture the construction yard it and have a defense to attack the tank (otherwise you'll lose the construction yard) and enjoy the power of both sides.

Pilfer the from Offering Plate
During a lull in battle, send a few troops to scout out a civilian village. Once it is discovered, order them to blowup the towns church. Within the rubble, the soldiers should find a small bag of money containing $2,000!  

Run the enemy out of money
First find the enemy base, then find all the ways in and out. Once you've done this build sandbags all the way up to the enemy base and block off the entrance (be carefull that you don't get too close to the entrance you've just blocked off or the enemy will shoot a hole in your barrier). The enemy harvestors can't get in to get to the refineries and they can't get out to harvest, therefore the enemy runs out of money and it is a lot easier to destroy their base. The AI is too dumb to do anything about this.  

Sandbag "Prisons"
If you surround your entire base and the nearest tiberium field with sand bags, opposing units approaching your base, will stop and not shoot down the sand bags. You can then surround the units with sand bags and trap them inside. As long as you don't go near the cells with military units, they won't shoot down the sand bags. Wait long enough and you could have your own prison!  

Sandbag Trick
To build things away from your base, use sandbags in a chain. This works with any building. You can use this trick to place your buildings in an enemy's base.

Sell Soldiers
To sell soldiers, place them near (or within) the items that are being sold. For instance, when playing as the Global Defense Initiative (GDI), build a repair pad and transport. Then package five men within the transport before placing it on the repair pad. Sell the repair pad and the five men will be sold for full price!  

Selling Vehicles
This code only works on vehicles that are allowed on the "Repair Facility". When you put the unwanted vehicle on the "Repair Facility" leave it there and sell the "Repair Facility", it will not be sold, but the vehicle will be gone.

Steal Enemy Harvesters
You can steal the enemy's harvester by capturing the refinery while the harvester is depositing money into it. This comes in handy on earlier missions when you cannot build more harvesters.

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