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AeroFighters Assault

Alternate Color Scheme
For a different color, press R at the plane selection screen.

(Note: In Death Match mode, alternate color schemes are available for default aircraft only.)

Bonus Level
To get to the secret level, you must complete EVERY level, including the bonus levels. When you beat the Ice Cave with all other levels complete, you go to a new level -- The Moon. You will have no wingman support though.

Pilot Enemy Planes in Death Match Mode
To fly an enemy plane in Death Match mode, successively complete the stages during a normal game.

Stage                     Plane
1: Spriggan               SU-25
2: Fortress               MIG-31
3: Ice Caves              F-22
4: Tokyo                  KFIR C2
5: Pacific Ocean          F-22
6: Air Battle             ---
7: Desert                 RAFALE C101

Play as Mao Mao
To fly with Mao Mao (in her F-15), wait for the words, “Press Start” to appear at the opening screen before pressing: left-C, down-C, right-C, up-C, left-C, right-C, down-C.

Play as Spanky The Dolphin
To fly with Spanky (in his X-29A), complete all of the bonus missions.


Stage Select
To choose a stage, press UP, down-C, LEFT, right-C, DOWN, up-C, RIGHT, left-C, Z, R, Z before the title screen appears. (A chime confirms correct entry.)

Tomcat Trick
While flying the F-14, use your special weapon (Ninja Beam), fire a missile then chaff (in that order). The Tomcat will launch multiple armaments from its weapons platform - 5 Tomahawk cruise missiles and 4 heat-seeking Tornado Stars!

Unlimited Continues
For unlimited continues, reset the game and continue the previous game from the main menu.

(Note: You must have at least one continue.)

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