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NBA Hoopz

The following codes are entered the Play Match screen:

For Infinite Turbo: BALL, A, B and press UP
To Show Hot Spot: A, BALL, BALL and press DOWN
To disable "On Fire": B, B, B and press LEFT
For Island court: N, B, A and press RIGHT
For Stadium court: B, B, N and press LEFT
For Factory court: N, A, B and press DOWN
For Future court: BALL, N, B and press UP
For Night Club court: N, BALL, A and press LEFT
For Oil Rig court: B, A, BALL and press RIGHT
For Practice court: A, A, B and press DOWN
For Prison court: B, BALL, N and press RIGHT
For Rooftop court: N, N, N and press UP
For Volcano court: A, B, N and press LEFT

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