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Shadow Man


Big Head Mode
When you get to "Asylum: Playrooms," go to the cell section where the pool table and playpen are located. On one side of that hallway are five cell doors. Simply enter the middle cell and the "Secret Unlocked" message appears. A new option will appear on the Main Menu entitled "Secrets." Select it and your cheat should be there. This cheat gives Shadow Man a big head.

Deadside Shotguns
Go to the Temple of Life in the Wasteland. Make your way to where you get the baton. Go to the alters and keep pressing action at different ones. When you get it right the message “Secret unlocked” will flash on your screen.

Disco Mode
Get the gads which allow you to walk on lava. Go to the Cathedral of Pain by means of the trolley. Either take the door on your left or go through the doors at the other end of the room and jump in the large hole. Either way you will get to a large room of lava. If you took the door take a left out and head down the halll of lava till you get to another hall with rotating spikes on a pole which you can get on top of if you run to the end. Run down the top of the pole and you will see a new area with some pigmen. Look around in here to find the cheat to give you Disco Mode.

Pea Soup Mode
Go to the Temple of fire. Get to the blood pool. Find the room with the ramp going up the left side of it and then coming to another bigger ramp which leads to a button. Look to the left and you will see a opening in the wall. Jump on the railing a little above straight with the door. Then jump and you should be able to grab on to the edge and pull yourself up. When you get it right the message "Secret unlocked" will flash on your screen. This may take a few tries but it will work.

Play as Nettie
Go to Mordant St. NY. Follow the hallways until you get to a lever pull it and the lights will come on. Go to the elevator and go to the third floor. Look for a floor panel that is brown. Jump as far as you can over and jump again. You must do this the first time to get “Secret unlocked” to flash across your screen. Use the bear if you fell through to warp back there and try again.

Play as a dog
Go to the Asylum: Gateway Then jump down to the left path by the door. Follow it and you will eventually come to a room with a Govi and some boxes. Climb the boxes and get on the rafters. Jump to the second then third. When you get it right the message “Secret unlocked” will flash on your screen.

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