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NBA Hoopz

Easter Eggs
At the versus screen can use the following buttons to change the numbers for code entry. Use X to change the first number, use A to change the second number and use B to change the third number. Then use the D-Pad to enter the direction. If you entered the code correctly you'll see the name of the code displayed on the screen.



3-1-2 Up

Infinite turbo

0-2-3 Left

Beach court

3-2-0 Left

Street court

5-4-4 Left

Play as Dr. Atomic

0-1-4 Right

Home uniform

0-2-4 Right

Away uniform

1-1-1 Right

ABA ball

1-2-1 Left

Granny shots

0-1-1 Down

Show shot %

1-1-0 Down

Show hotspot

4-4-4 Left

No goaltending

2-2-2 Right

No fouls

3-0-1 Up

No hotspots

3-0-0 Right

Big heads

3-3-0 Left

Tiny heads

5-4-3 Left

Tiny players

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