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Hydro Thunder

Race as the Tiny Titanic:
You have to beat the easy courses in the top three to get the medium courses. After you have the medium courses then beat them by placing in the top two to get the hard courses. Beat these by placing first in all the races to get the bonus tracks. Beat the first three bonus tracks in first and you will be able to race with the most awesome boat in the game. The Tiny Titanic.

Unlock Everything:
Start a new game and race one of the Beginner tracks. You must place well enough to enter your initials in to the high score listing. Enter:


You will unlock every track and every boat including:

Extra Nine Second Boost on Lake Powel:
To get the extra nine second boost you'll need at least half tank of boost then when you are at the dam there is a ramp in the center use boost and go off it. Hold boost and you shuold get the boost on the railroad track

Artic Circle Shortcut:
When you see all the penquins lined up go through Them and in to the boat.You will get a nine second boast and a shot at first place.

Clean Pause:
While racing, press Start and while the pause menu is up, press X and Y together. This will get rid of the pause menu and you can get a clear picture of what is around you on screen.

Earn All Tracks in Two-Player Mode:
Play each race in two player mode and win to unlock secret tracks (for two player only). Eventually, you'll unlock all the tracks and then all the secret boats.

This unlimited two player mode is great for practicing and finding shortcuts.

Special Tracks:
Beat all the beginner tracks and when it gets to the main menu agian hold the left trigger and press A, X, Y, Z.

Turbo Start:
Hold left trigger while game is loading. As the number 3 fades release left and hold Right trigger. As the number 2 fades do the opposite (release right and hold left trigger). then do the opposite again as the number 1 fades (you should end with right trigger held.)

Venice Canals Shortcut:
When you get to the part with the three hard turns in a row (left, right, left) you can skip all of this by jumping over the island in between them both. This comes shortly after the part with the docks.

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