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Change races
While playing a game if you decide you would like to try out another race, but you don't quite feel like giving up your 20+hours of work then just follow this little trick. Load up the game and as you are playing with your main char hit X+Y+A+B+Start to reset the system. Now start a new game with whatever name, and race you desire. Your new guy will have as many EXP as the previous one, but you have to kill one Armada ship for each level you had previously gained. The only down side is all the credits you previously had will be lost, and the ultra techs will be gone. But, if you do some trading with a friend beforehand you can keep the UltraTech as well.

Infinite Lives
You will need to use controllers 3 & 4 for this. On controller 3 hold start at the title screen, then on controller 4 press A, B, A, B, UP, DOWN

Infinite Lives (glitch)
After dying the 3rd time (when you're about to get a game over) and right after your ship blows up, press Start on another controller and join in with a new character. Your first character will come back to life. Then just quit with the second character, and keep playing until you die again.

Starbase Locations and Planet Locations
Starbase Locations:
-Allied: x:-78 y:99
-Terran: x:-3408 y:2400
-Nomad: x:2421 y:14343
-Eldred: x:13652 y:-5886
-Scarab: x:-128 y:-9822
-Drakken: x:12421 y:7476
-Vorgan: x:-12989 y:-5788
-Secret base: x:-17650 y:-16500
-Secret base: x:12340 y:14280
-Drakken Gas Mine: x:22460 y:6180
-Nomad secret base: x:-27250 y:30780

Planet Locations:
-Desert Planet: x:-22998 y:-5327
-Life World: x:-9330 y:6260
-Ice Planet: x:-14721 y:-20311
-Dead Planet: x:8710 y:-18060
-Gas Planet: x:27421 y:3284
-Volcanic Planet: x:22421 y:24511
-Infested Planet: x:-31250 y:34280

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